Hospital Department in HIFEC provides the EMG, the EEG, the IOM etc.
to the local university hospitals, the clinics and the research institutes.
We always aim to bring satisfaction and convenience to our dear customers.

HOSPITAL Chang Kap, Jeon

Direct. +82 070-4208-0220    



AED business department provides the-state-of-the-art technology to perform defibrillation to emergency patient whenever needed.
AED is an emergency medical device for the public to easily use by analyzing heart rhythm of cardiac arrest patients and delivering electric shock to help heart beat back to normal.

AED Beom Kyu, Park

Direct. +82 070-4848-6413    



Fire business of HIFEC provides optimal devices to save life of people for government offices: the fire department, fire stations, Fire Houses, and fire fighting schools. Supplying devices to maximize fire fighter’s capability in emergency situation where every minute counts, HIFEC supports the fastet and the most effective rescue process.

FIRE/EMS Jae Cheol, Chae

Direct. +82 070-4848-6417    



Military business provides services of medical devices, optimized for subsidiary facilities such as military hospitals, medical corps, military buildings, residence halls, and cafeterias including Logistics Command for the army, the navy, and the air force. With products perfectly meeting requirements for standards, tests, performance examination suggested by the military, HIFEC presents perfect solutions.


Direct. +82 070-4208-0271     


IT solutions

Service business of HIFEC fully understands consumer’s circumstance with new technology, thereby researching faster and more valuable services. Medical device business in the times of the fourth industrial revolution should provide new business and services through simplification, intuition, convergence, and integration. Our service business suggests new insight to present consumers with new experience.

IT solutions Hui Ju, Jeong

Direct. +82 070-4848-6415    


Cardiac Science is a global leader in the industry, introducing AED in 1992 for the first time in the world; it provides various services from development, production, and sales of AED to support services, education, and maintenance. It is also an AED specialized corporation, keeping more than 100 patents related to AED, and has been producing AED of global medical corporations such GE, OMRON, NIHON KOHDEN on consignment basis.

Cardiac Science products are readily available at AED shopping mall for every institute across the country

Looking for partner / distributor for best products

NIHON KOHDEN is a manufacturer having stayed on top as Japan’s biggest medical device company since it was established in 1951. It satisfies Japanese consumers who consider restructuring of advanced medical devices important with advanced medical devices on the basis, fulfilling needs of medical professionals by establishing branches and agents all over the world including America, Europe, and Asia.

Products of NIHON KOHDEN with exclusive medical device technology are provided for nationwide fire stations and military officials.

Fire and military business department carrying not only NIHON KOHDEN products but also various medical devices provide optimized products for patients in disasters and emergencies through nationwide services.


AED Manager

Management of replacing consumables and operating method service

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